Why Should You Choose a Data Center in Orangeburg, New York for Colocation?

    Downsides of a colocation within New York City

    • Old facilities and equipment:
      Data centers within New York City are about 15-years-old on average. Old cooling and support equipment put workloads are at risk. Older data centers tend to be less efficient, costing operators monthly due to higher energy consumption.
    • High power costs:
      Commercial energy in NYC is close to 14 cents/kWh.
    • Flood Hazard:
      Much of Manhattan is at high risk of flooding.
    • Lack of sales tax and investment incentives.

    Colocation with 1547 in Orangeburg, NY is the Solution

    • Sales tax and investment incentives:
      fifteenfortyseven has worked with the county of Rockland to secure sales tax exemptions and other incentives for new data center developments. The normal sales tax rate of 8.375% in Rockland County does not apply to our customers, which will save you over $80,000 on a $1 million purchase of new colocated data center equipment.
    • Low-cost power:
      Lowest cost power in region, at just $0.10/kWh.
    • Location:
      Orangeburg is situated miles away from flood zones. During Hurricane Sandy, our facility received no damage and did not lose power. Orangeburg has proximity to the tri-state area, and our data center is synchronous with Manhattan, Connecticut, and key facilities in New Jersey.
    • New facility with data center and colocation solutions customized for you:
      Our facility is a newly constructed data center development with Powered Shell strategy, and is designed for organizations wanting control, input on infrastructure, and a faster path to delivery.