Partner Program

    1547 has built its culture on the dependability, flexibility, and capability to deliver the best solutions available. We want our partners to succeed and expand their business offerings through partnerships with us. Our partner program is committed to offering the best tools and resources to allow partners to deliver exceptional solutions. Partners in our program include master agents, individual agents, lead referral agents, resellers, and real estate brokers.

    Multi Tiered Program

    • Name and title are given to 1547 and we work the entire deal and engage with customer
    • Contract written on 1547 paper
    • Agent is instrumental in the sales process, i.e. proposals, meetings, etc.
    • Dedicated resources are available to agent during the process:
      – Sales
      – Engineering
      – Executive Support
    • Contract is written on 1547 paper
    • Discounted pricing
    • Reseller runs the entire sales process with support from 1547
    • Contract is written on Reseller paper
    • Broker creates and maintains relationship with customer
    • Dedicated resources available to Broker during the sales process
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