Disaster Recovery

    According to reports by Gartner, the estimated cost of network downtime is $5,600 per minute, and this number will only continue to rise.

    1547's Orangeburg New York data center conference room

    For peace of mind, IT departments need to implement Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) plans. When natural disasters or unforeseen issues arise, a company needs to ensure they remain functioning. This is done by having secure space in 1547’s data centers.

    Our colocation experts design, build and implement scalable solutions to keep data protected and accessible so that when the unexpected occurs, your staff can keep business up and running. Our Disaster Recovery space totals 3,460 square feet with 84 shared desks and 5 dedicated offices and 3,500 square feet of additional customizable space. We offer physical space from shared seats to dedicated, customized offices along with dedicated access controlled space, conference, and storage space.

    “1547’s Orangeburg Disaster Recovery space provides an ideal physical environment to keep employees running in case of an emergency. This offering further positions Orangeburg as a viable data center option for the New York Metro market.”
    – Rick Drescher, Managing Director, Technical Services of Savills Studley

    Remain Up & Running with Office Recovery Space

    Office Recovery Space is an integral part of successful disaster recovery planning. 1547 Datacenters provides customizable office space and the technology employees need to keep businesses up and running. We deliver continuous and uninterrupted customer service, safeguard your corporate brand and maintain employee confidence.

    1547 Datacenters Office Recovery tools keep employees operational during disruptive events. Office Recovery Space supplies your most critical asset – your employees – with the office space needed to continue working under any circumstance.

    Distance To:

    • Pearl River Train Station: 4 miles
    • Palisades Parkway: 5 miles
    • George Washington Bridge: 16 miles
    • Midtown Manhattan: 22 miles

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