Why Orangeburg?

    Why would you choose a colocation or data center in Orangeburg, New York?

    Downsides of hosting within New York City

    • Old facilities and equipment
      Data centers within New York City are about 15-years-old on average. Old cooling and support equipment put workloads are at risk. Older data centers tend to be less efficient, costing operators monthly due to higher energy consumption.
    • High power costs
      Commercial energy in NYC is close to 14 cents/kWh.
    • Flood Hazard
      Much of Manhattan is at high risk of flooding.
    • Lack of sales tax and investment incentives.

    Hosting with 1547 in Orangeburg, New York
    is the Solution

    • Sales tax and investment incentives
      fifteenfortyseven has worked with the county of Rockland to secure sales tax exemptions and other incentives for new data center developments. The normal sales tax rate of 8.375% in Rockland County does not apply to our customers, which will save you over $80,000 on a $1 million purchase of new colocated data center equipment.
    • Low-cost power
      Lowest cost power in region, at just $0.10/kWh.
    • Location
      Orangeburg is situated miles away from flood zones. During Hurricane Sandy, our facility received no damage and did not lose power. Orangeburg has proximity to the tri-state area, and our data center is synchronous with Manhattan, Connecticut, and key facilities in New Jersey.
    • New facility with data center and colocation solutions customized for you
      Our facility is a newly constructed data center development with Powered Shell strategy, and is designed for organizations wanting control, input on infrastructure, and a faster path to delivery.